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Appliance Maintenance Tips

Clean the Lint Filter & Area Regularly
By regularly, I mean that the lint filter should be emptied after or before every single dryer load, regardless of the amount of laundry you are drying. Even if you don’t see much lint there, even a minute dust film can impair air flow and that means your load will take longer to dry. And drying longer means more energy.

Lint filters are usually positioned for easy access, sometimes on top of the dryer on some models, or at the front edge just inside the door. It’s also imperative that you occasionally clean the area in, around and directly under the filter, because lint will also accumulate in this area.

There’s also a risk of fire with too much dryer lint. A lint accumulation can cause a fire, so there’s also a safety reason for regularly keeping your dryer clear of lint.

Because your washing machine is so heavy, when it’s not level, it can vibrate strongly during the spin cycle. If your washing machine is not perfectly level–with all four legs touching the floor–it can bang and rock back and forth, and even begin to “walk” across the room. This isn’t good for the machine and may damage anything near the machine.
Your washing machine has adjustable, front leveling legs with a lock nut. You adjust the leg to the proper height, then tighten the lock nut up against the body of the machine to keep the leg from rotating.


Dishwasher Care

While some dishwashers have built-in garberators that break down food particles left on the dishes, some do not and it’s easier on those appliances if food scraps are removed before loading.

You should inspect the condition of the door seal periodically and keep it clean. When water or dirt builds up on the seal, it can cause mold which is difficult to get rid of. A loose or broken seal should be replaced as it can lead to unwanted leaks.

Dishwashers benefit from a routine interior wash with special scale-reducing solutions sold for this purpose. It keeps all parts working properly.

Freezer Care

Freezers should be located away from streaming sunlight or heat sources. Otherwise, they work much harder than necessary. Removing interior ice build-up improves air flow and helps to maintain proper freezer temperature.

Refrigerator Care

Several things can help a refrigerator to work more efficiently:

  • Vacuum the compressor coils located at the back.
  • Inspect and replace loose or moldy door seals.
  • Maintain recommended interior temperatures in both the refrigerated and freezer compartments.
  • Leave the door open only as long as required. Avoid extended browsing or menu planning with the door open.

Most appliances come with manufacturer recommendations as to how often to change or wash filters, but these are soon forgotten not long after consumers read their product manual. Yet, there are good reasons to follow these guidelines and in some cases, you should even maintain filters more often than recommended.

Filters are used to remove particles that can restrict air flow and reduce appliance efficiency and to prevent dust and dirt from penetrating to the motor, which could drastically reduce its lifecycle.


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